Vog is a Bradicor mercenary, and former member of Tagon's Toughs. He is over twelve million years old, and during that time has had experience in an almost uncountable number of fields. When The Toughs were captured by the UNS Morokweng and had their memories edited by Project Laz'R'Us, Vog defected to the Project under Admiral Emm, both to buy the other Toughs' safety and because the promised pay was better.

However, at some point, Emm betrayed Vog, and attempted to gain his vast store of knowledge all at once by mindripping him. Due to the Bradicor's resilient brain structure, he technically survived the process, but lost millions of years of memories. He was found in a suspension tank when Project Laz'R'Us was dismantled.

Dr. Edward Bunnigus attempted to revive Vog as soon as possible. She gave him the Galstandard West language, copied from Schlock, but could not find the files of his stolen memories. The being she revived was Vog as he was ten million years ago: namely, a Bradicor super-soldier with a hardwired paranoid hostility toward all non-Bradicor.

Waking up on Bunnigus' table, restrained for safety reasons and told that she had operated on his brain, Soldier-Vog concluded that Bunnigus' civilization had conquered the Bradicor and taken him prisoner. He then learned that his 'captors' had neighbor nations, and requested asylum from the United Nations of Sol. A few days later he was visited by Dr. Bunnigus, and during that visit he saw her casually using technologies so powerful that a civilization possessing them wouldn't have wasted their time conquering the nations he knew. This realization, with a little help from the Fleetmind, allowed him to swallow his rage and ask the Doctor to remove his now-useless xenophobia treatments.