Wick was a human mercenary and a veteran member of Tagon's Toughs. He served with the mercenary company for several years, accompanying them on several of their most dangerous missions. Following the death of "Pronto" Prontucci, Wick was one of the potential candidates to become the company's new demolitions specialist, but he declined the position.

During the mission to Oisri, Wick and Private Rodriguez were assigned to guard a quarantined gavclone named Balt "Bini" Binion. Shortly after their shift began, Bini revealed that he had in fact been suborned by a hostile UNS intelligence. Using illegal soldier boosts, Bini proceeded to free himself from quarantine and kill both Wick and Rodriguez.

Kaff Tagon later found both bodies, and expressed sadness that he had "let them down". Their armor was subsequently salvaged by Tailor to build prototype powered armor for Sergeant Schlock.