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Wormgates are a F'sherl-Ganni invention which formed the basis for all travel the galaxy before the teraport was released. The gates use a toroidal singularity to generate a giant wormhole large enough to accommodate even the biggest ships. Travel wormgates come in three flavors: hub gates at galactic crossroads, serial gates for long routes, and terminal gates for individual systems.

Wormgate Network Map used for Courier-Class ships with image of galaxy super imposed.

Given a mass source, a single wormgate input can be outputted through several gates, producing exact copies. This is best known for the infamous clone-interrogate-destroy program that the Gatekeepers used to suppress independent invention of the teraport, but the capability was and is also used to replicate food and goods for the F'sherl-Ganni. Each of the six buuthandi stars had a wormgate in its core to provide the system with raw mass.

A wormgate can be rebuilt into a one-shot gravy-gun. This can even be done with star wormgates in order to created a controlled supernova. When this is done, the device is called a T'okjith.

Wormgates were originally developed as part of the treaty with the Pa'anuri, because they don't irritate them the way teraports do.